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We are ethical swinger javascript coders. That means - we are people who practice the swinging lifestyle and support/advocate it. 10% of our time we support swingers related websites - swingers clubs directories, social networks, events lists and do it for free. If you didn't get into our 10% window and you are representing any alternative relationship/sex lifestyle (polyamory, swing, kink, BDSM, casual sex) - we would be glad to serve you by 50% of market prices. Also, we doing an effort to spread the information about lifestyle and anything related to it. At this blog, we would make posts sometimes about our swingers related projects. One of project which we support is https://allswingersclubs.org/ - pls, support it either - visit it, comment, add your clubs.

Using jQuery Coda plugin, css-tricks.com has created a very good script for a featured content gallery with auto advancing. It can be created with simple html markups.

DEPENDENCIESjQuery, jQuery Easing & Compatibility plugin, jquery Coda plugin
SIZELess than 40KB (All scripts including jQuery compressed)
RESTRICTIONSNone (Free to use on any site)

Suggested Enhancements

Add scroll functionality (carousel functionality) in the thumbnails so that any number of items can be featured.For demo and download, please check the links

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