Most useful prototype / plugins

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Prototype is one of the earliest new generation javascript libraries (or javascript frame work) like jQuery & Mootools. Coupled with Script Aculous, it is a powerful library and many extensions/plugins are available for it. The one downside to this library is, it is rather huge and requires script aculous even for basic animations. Size is okay when compressed, but it is not easy to find a compressed version and if compress via javascript compressors, it might produce some errors.

Here is a collection of the most useful prototype plugins grouped in to categories so that you can find your script based on your needs. Includes scripts for image galleries, lightbox, in place editors, form validation, modal windows, image manipulation, auto complete, table sorting etc.

Useful resources

Prototype image gallery & lightbox


ProtoFlow is the prototype equivalent of Apple’s coverflow effect. Nicely implemented with reflection (reflection.js script required).


It is an excellent script which can show images, movies, flash or iframe content in an overlay effect. It supports slideshow mode for images and auto detection of media using file name extension.


This is not yet complete and is not available for download. But the demos are worth watching and looks promising. It is aimed to be a complete gallery script with support for XML based galleries width different viewing options, thumbnail zoom etc.


It is one of the first lightbox scripts.

Prototype auto complete

Prototype UI (Slider & Modal Window)

Prototype UI is a javascript library based on Prototype (1.6) and (1.8). It’s a library of User Interface components, based on a common fundation classes, which could be easily used by various web applications.


Prototype tool tip


It is a good script with customizable tool tips. The site contains lot of examples of customization.

Prototype inline editors

Edit In Place

Ajax In Place Rich Editor

This supports tinyMCE integration with in place editor.

Prototype form validation

Prototype table sorting

Prototype image manipulation

Prototype Cropper


phototype is a client/server-side library, based on prototype. On the server side the library is powered by PHP(with GD library) that renders the image. With phototype, you are able to rotate, resize, flip and do some other cool effects to images.

Prototype color picker