jQuery floating box plugin

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In may cases, web page contents does not fit into the screen, we will have scroll down to the page to read whole contents. bu doing so, we will lose those information on top. This javascript Floating Menu will do the trick and to keep  specified contents already visible.

Like the author says, sometimes we want to show some information to the user regardless of the page position. For eg: On a long page of information a link to the top can be shown always at the bottom right corner. In those cases you can use this plugin.

Suggested enhancement

May add some code to show/hide a close button.

SIZE5KB (Uncompressed)
RESTRICTIONSNone (Free to use on any site)

For demo and download, please check the links

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This jQuery plugin is based on the floating box javascript by jtricks. This script doesn’t need any libraries. So if you’re not using jQuery use this one instead.