Agile Carousel – Custom carousel with excellent options

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Agile Carousel is a jquery plugin which enables you to create a custom carousel with many many different transition & easing options. It has lots of configurable options like customization of controls, timer, easing type, transition type etc. It does not require jQuery UI plugin but it is recommended for excellent transitions of slides.

We need to specify a directory where slides are stored. The slides can be (X)HTML, images or flash.


  • Excellent transition effects
  • Configurable controls
  • Supports HTML, Flash and images

How it works?

The script works a little differently. It posts the configured options to a PHP file using AJAX. The configurable options specify the slide directories, titles and links. The PHP file parses the options and then it scans through the directory(multiple directories are supported).

The downloaded source package contains this PHP file. The PHP script path is hard coded in javascript, so you might need to edit the path there. Also, it is possible to tweak it to work with any server side scripting languages, not just PHP.

DEPENDENCIESjQuery 1.26, jQuery UI library recommended
SIZE16KB (Minified)
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