Massive redesign at All Swingers Clubs: what we used to write 0% of the code

We are ethical swinger javascript coders. That means - we are people who practice the swinging lifestyle and support/advocate it. 10% of our time we support swingers related websites - swingers clubs directories, social networks, events lists and do it for free. If you didn't get into our 10% window and you are representing any alternative relationship/sex lifestyle (polyamory, swing, kink, BDSM, casual sex) - we would be glad to serve you by 50% of market prices. Also, we doing an effort to spread the information about lifestyle and anything related to it. At this blog, we would make posts sometimes about our swingers related projects.

In our free time we support our friends swingers clubs directory – . The owner had lost of issues with modifying even simple things with his CMS. He did a wrong choice at the times of hype of Django and ordered development of CMS on Python/Django. At the first glance it was a good idea – much better than, for example, use of pure PHP+Javascript or Python+Javascript. But then it’s became nightmare.

As WordPress is the most used CMS in the world and has a set of modules, which covers all basic needs, we recommended the owner of the All Swingers Clubs to move to WP.

The main thing we worked on… You will not guess what… Is the ability to combine such modules to avoid any coding/scripting. We built some stack with such modules:

  • Toolset Types + Views
  • Astra PRO Theme
  • W3Cache
  • iThemes Security
  • VaultPress + UpdraftPlus
  • +several less important plugins

In next posts we will show you more details on process of developing of All Swingers Club new CMS.