Improved lava lamp effect for jQuery and Mootools

The lava lamp effect was an excellent technique to turn the navigation to a flash like animation. LavaLamp allows you to add nifty background hover effects to HTML lists in combination with the Easing library.

It is available for bot jQuery and Mootools

LavaLamp – Lava lamp for jQuery

  • Horizontal and vertical movement supported
  • Callback support on completion
  • Easing library support – Can use any supported animation
  • Speed can be adjusted
DEPENDENCIESjQuery, Easing plugin
SIZE5 KB (Uncompressed)
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Don’t forget to checkout the different easing effects (On top of the demo page)

Fancy Menu – Lava lamp for Mootools

DEPENDENCIESMootools (Latest version requires 1.2)
DEMO & DOWNLOADOpen | Open in new window

Also, check the Barack Slideshow plugin based on the MorphList plugin for Mootools.