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July 3, 2008 by admin · 62 Comments
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Image flow is inspired by Apple’s cover flow. The javascript renders the cover flow effect without any noticeable flaw. Keyboard navigation (arrow keys), mouse scroll and dragging is supported. Very cool script to use.


  • XHTML compliant
  • Keyboard and Mouse scroll wheel navigation supported
  • Free to use on any site
  • No dependencies
  • small in size (Only 11 KB uncompressed)


Dependencies None
Size 11KB (Uncompressed)
Restrictions None (Free to use on any site)

For demo and download, please check the links

Open | Open in new window

The above demo opens images in another tab/window. Means no lightbox support. But lightbox support can be integrated. Please check the links below

Open | Open in new window

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62 Responses to “Image Flow 0.9”
  1. Eddy says:

    i have downloade Image flow , but my problem is that i need the image when clicking to be opened in a new window , is that possible ?

    thanks again


  2. fadi says:

    how can i integrate jquery lightbox in imageflow??

  3. Dominic says:

    IF there will be ONLY ONE explanation, this will be good. No deopendencies… just LOL…

    Thousands of settings have to be done… an no documentation (except there ist one deeply hidden in somewhere no one can find…)

  4. unk says:

    Would be nice a tutorial on the other functions of imageflow

  5. Paul says:

    great script thanks – ive used it on my site and have taken the slider controls off, is it possible to then get the content to automatically loop round and round, instead of having 2 ends?

  6. Akif says:

    Hi, it looks awsome, in demo page it is written that commercial usage is not free but in this page Restrictions : None (Free to use on any site). Which is true? Thanks right now..

  7. kat says:

    Does any one know the max number of photos this works for. I’m looking for something that will work for 100+ photos

  8. moopet says:

    “Free to use on any site”, you say
    The demo you link to says “you need the author’s permission to use ImageFlow on commercial websites. You get this permission by purchasing a commercial license.”

  9. Excellent.

    I looking for that plugin for a long time.



  10. Daniel says:

    Search for eternal, I’m finally came across your site and am happy to have rediscovered the image flow.

    Had views and forget the name …

    Think it’s great, there really is the possibility that it runs automatically and not click?

    Best Regards Daniel

  11. Ram Krishna says:

    I am trying this imageflow plugin in my system, it is not taking any images, and one more thing how can i display the information of the selected image short description below the image.


  12. Chantal says:


    Very nice program. Thank you so much!

  13. Sakie says:

    I was wondering if I can place image flow in some fixed width and height container

    My Problem is that I’ve a container of dimension 510 X 434 and I’ve to show about 15 images in it each with dimension 230 X 300 px . When I incorporate image flow into it it automatically reduces the width and height of the images so that they fit in the container. I don’t want it to happen I’ve even hardcoded the maxHeight as follows

    //this.maxHeight = Math.round(my.imagesDivWidth / my.aspectRatio);
    this.maxHeight = 434;

  14. Sakie says:

    Please append to previous post
    I’m desperately looking for a solution. I want the imge that comes to front to be of actual dimensions i.e 230 X 300 where as the sliding images my be of variable sizes.

    *** Please Help ***

  15. dtrms says:

    It is not free to use in any site! It has a Non-Commercial clause.

  16. Parthi says:

    How do i disable the reflection and how do i add lightbox to the images???

  17. vainfotech says:

    It is very Useful for me and i am also web developer in ahmedabad.

  18. DGWeb says:


    I set reflection to false, but
    now the image are on top slidebar and this hidden slidebar…

    how to fix this problem?

  19. Tolana says:

    This script is NOT free to use on *any* site. There is a license fee for commercial use.


  20. nidhi says:

    after click on image image auto slideshow is not runing

  21. crti?i says:

    Nice slider…will use it in my sites

  22. Mayur says:

    I downloaded ypu imageFlow1.3.0. But the images are not comig though they are present in the folder.Only Image1,Image2 etc type text are appearing in the slideshow.
    Please help me to solve the problem

  23. sarvin says:

    i have problem.i cant add my images to the image flow when i change the picture nothing apear,what can i do?????????????

  24. gta-games says:

    Very nice but when I tried to add more pictures it takes more time to load :( anyway thanks for this.

  25. Charly Thomas says:


    I have tried the Imageflow the same as you have instructed . But I am getting only the image names like Image1 image2 image3 etc . But the images that I have put in the folder are not visible .

    I am new to the field . Kindly help.

    Best Regards

  26. Charly Thomas says:

    Every thing seems to be working without the pictures not visible . I am only seeing the panels one squire box on the top written image 1 image 2 etc .

    I might be seriously wrong somewhere. if you can give your mail id i can send you the snaps – print screens .

    Please help

    Best Regards

  27. Darshana says:

    Hi! im getting the same problem – only picture name gets displayed and not the picture.. is there any solution? :S plz get back if ever som1 managed to solve this.. thanxxx

  28. svcars says:

    very nice…thanks for sharing

  29. jovan says:

    why loading text doesnt show up on image flow.. please check thanks.. this is a great script.. but when i open gallery, no loading text show before my image flow start.. please help me..

  30. eric says:

    the slider is ok but the images are not appearing. but when i click on the BLANK portion, the image will open.

    can somebody help me with this?

  31. Subheesh says:

    I was trying to use this plugin in my personal website….but it doesnt show any images..only frames are can i solve this issue…?

    itz a great plugin…thank you verymuch…then plz assist me to use it…

  32. malll says:

    I have the same problem, the images are not visible. Can anyone post the solution?

  33. Web Desing says:

    [...] ??.???? | Demo [...]

  34. xav says:

    Same here image wont show


  35. Help. I tried to use this plugin on my website but the image doesn’t show. It is completely invisible.. Please HELP!!!!

  36. Ali says:

    Hello Everyone;
    I wud like to help you out guys as there are many people who had a problem of not getting an image in slider ;

    ImageFlow needs a PHP server running a GD library to generate the reflections. It will work without PHP if you disable the reflections.

    For Setting up No reflections You need to make changes in Two places
    1) imageflow.js
    2) imageflow.packed.js

    you will find two lines within the domReady function in both files:

    Here it is ;
    var instanceOne = new ImageFlow();
    instanceOne.init({ ImageFlowID: ‘myImageFlow’ });

    So Make Changes like this in both files;


    var instanceOne = new ImageFlow();
    instanceOne.init({ ImageFlowID: ‘myImageFlow’,
    reflections: false,
    reflectionP: 0.0 });

    & Your Task is Done !!
    Thanks !! Cheeeeeers – Ali :)

  37. spiralteck says:

    I downloaded a copy but the images are not appearing, i will take a look at the source code and post my feedback here soon.

  38. kalpana says:

    i used it in my sites but it takes too much time to load ,can anyone help me??????coz of it site takes too much time to load.


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