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October 22, 2008 by admin · 1 Comment
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Using jQuery Coda plugin, css-tricks.com has created a very good script for a featured content gallery with auto advancing. It can be created with simple html markups.

Dependencies jQuery, jQuery Easing & Compatibility plugin, jquery Coda plugin
Size Less than 40KB (All scripts including jQuery compressed)
Restrictions None (Free to use on any site)

Suggested Enhancements

Add scroll functionality (carousel functionality) in the thumbnails so that any number of items can be featured.

For demo and download, please check the links

Open Demo | Open demo in new window | Info & Download code

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One Response to “Featured content slider – Auto advancing”
  1. Ah! this is what i’ve been looking for thankyou!

    I need a compact, and creative way to view pictures on my children’s school website and this is it!

    Thanks again.

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