10 Mootools plugin for showing image gallery

March 3, 2009 by admin · 10 Comments
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In the previous post, I discussed about jQuery plugins for showing image gallery. This time, I checked for Mootools alternative. Like jQuery, I was able to found gallery plugins which have similar functionality. Listing 10 of them. Pick one that suits your need.

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10 jQuery plugins for showing image gallery

February 9, 2009 by admin · 29 Comments
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An image gallery is part of the modern web 2.0 design. There are many ways to show it. For eg: thumbnail listing of images – clicking will show the corresponding large image in an overlay div – like lightbox. The other method is, list images inline – no popups.

Here I’ve listed 10 jQuery plugins which can be used for this type of gallery. All these plugins can show images with some transition effects. I didn’t consider lightbox like (popup) scripts. But you may be interested in the following articles.

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Three lightbox clones for Mootools

January 6, 2009 by admin · 3 Comments
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Just like jQuery, Mootools also has some nice lightbox clones available.
When compared with jQuery alternatives, one option I found to be missing is the ability to resize image according to the browser window.

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Agile Carousel – Custom carousel with excellent options

January 4, 2009 by admin · 4 Comments
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Agile Carousel is a jquery plugin which enables you to create a custom carousel with many many different transition & easing options. It has lots of configurable options like customization of controls, timer, easing type, transition type etc. It does not require jQuery UI plugin but it is recommended for excellent transitions of slides.

We need to specify a directory where slides are stored. The slides can be (X)HTML, images or flash. Read more

Which is the best lightbox clone for jQuery ?

January 2, 2009 by admin · 10 Comments
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Lightbox is a script made by Lokesh Dhakar which is one of the most popular way for showing images or image galleries. The original lightbox script was written using prototype and script aculous javascript libraries. So the main problem is, we need to include these two libraries (almost 100 KB) again even if we’re using jQuery. Certainly, this is not the best way. Thank fully, some programmers realized the situation and made the clones using jQuery. The effects and functionality are almost similar to lightbox but the only difference is, it uses jQuery library instead of prototype. The size of a compressed jQuery library is only 25KB.

Here, I am reviewing three of the lightbox clones. Read more

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