Most useful prototype / plugins

May 5, 2009 by admin · 3 Comments
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Prototype is one of the earliest new generation javascript libraries (or javascript frame work) like jQuery & Mootools. Coupled with Script Aculous, it is a powerful library and many extensions/plugins are available for it. The one downside to this library is, it is rather huge and requires script aculous even for basic animations. Size is okay when compressed, but it is not easy to find a compressed version and if compress via javascript compressors, it might produce some errors.

Prototype plugins

Here is a collection of the most useful prototype plugins grouped in to categories so that you can find your script based on your needs. Includes scripts for image galleries, lightbox, in place editors, form validation, modal windows, image manipulation, auto complete, table sorting etc.

Useful resources

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10 jQuery plugins for manipulating images

March 5, 2009 by admin · 3 Comments
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This time, I want to list some jQuery plugins that work with images or manipulate images some how. I didn’t consider scripts for slide shows or image viewer.

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10 Mootools plugin for showing image gallery

March 3, 2009 by admin · 10 Comments
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In the previous post, I discussed about jQuery plugins for showing image gallery. This time, I checked for Mootools alternative. Like jQuery, I was able to found gallery plugins which have similar functionality. Listing 10 of them. Pick one that suits your need.

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10 jQuery plugins for showing image gallery

February 9, 2009 by admin · 29 Comments
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An image gallery is part of the modern web 2.0 design. There are many ways to show it. For eg: thumbnail listing of images – clicking will show the corresponding large image in an overlay div – like lightbox. The other method is, list images inline – no popups.

Here I’ve listed 10 jQuery plugins which can be used for this type of gallery. All these plugins can show images with some transition effects. I didn’t consider lightbox like (popup) scripts. But you may be interested in the following articles.

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Accessible news slider for jQuery

January 28, 2009 by admin · 7 Comments
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It is a good plugin which follows the accessibility requirements outlined by WCAG 1.0


  • Very light weight (2kb packed)
  • Follows accessibility standards
  • Customizable animation speed
  • Number of elements shown at a time can be customized
  • Customizable skins

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