Case: simple popunder from swinger clubs reviews site


Swingers clubs reviews

Our readers asks: how to make popunder like at (some adult website with reviews of swingers clubs)?

I did research and found the readable code which this website use:

var news_url="https://URL-TO-OPEN-IN-POPUNDER";var news_was_opened=false;var navigator_name=navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();var isChrome=(navigator_name.indexOf("chrome")!=-1);function click_window(){var results=document.cookie.match('(^|;) ?YOURBRANDNAME=([^;]*)(;|$)');if(!results&&!news_was_opened)popup_news()}window.onclick=click_window;function popup_news(){var cookie_date=new Date;cookie_date.setTime(cookie_date.getTime()+1000*60*60);document.cookie="YOURBRANDNAME=yes; expires="+cookie_date.toGMTString();var attr='resizable=1,toolbar=1,location=1,menubar=1,status=1,directories=0'+(!isChrome?',scrollbars=1':'');news_was_opened=true;var,'',attr);isChrome?window.blur():popup.blur();window.focus()}

It’s a quite inoffensive kind of advertisement which I recommend to use at websites where you pushed to use such kind of ads.

Why it’s good:

  • it’s a popUNDER. Means it’s not interfere with a major website, user will see it after she finished work with the major website. Of course, best ads is no ads, but as I said before if you have to use any kind of popping ads – you better stick with popunders
  • it’s places the cookie with the mark and don’t open another popunder for a some timeout. In the example it’s a 1000*60*60 ms (1 hr), you can set any timeout you want. Means user will not be gouged by ads which opens with every click on page, instead it will be opened per 1 click per 1 hour

Again I understand and want you to understand that any popping ads is quite offensive technic. But I can imagine that some website owners, like a guy who run that swingers clubs website are desperated to survive/monetize their properties and if you want to use such ads – follow this case as the best practice.