jQuery plugins to show data in table format or chart format

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Need to show data in a tabular format or in a nice chart? jQuery has two plugins that enables this easily. They are jQChart and jquery CSV2Table. jqCharts reads data from file and creates charts and csv2table reads csv file and creates tables. Read more

Sexy Alert Box for Mootools

November 24, 2008 by admin · Leave a Comment
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It is an excellent script to replace the javascript alert() function. It has good animation effects and lot of customization options. Read more

Three jQuery modal plugins to repace alert and confirm

November 18, 2008 by admin · 3 Comments
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alert() and confirm() are two javascript functions that you should not use in your web 2.0 sites :) . The main problem with these are the way those blocks the user from interacting with browser. They are modal in behaviour, that means the user should take an action before he can do anything with browser. He can’t even switch to another tab. Here, we suggest three jQuery plugins to ditch the notorious alert() function.

They are jQuery Modal Dialog, jqModal, jQuery SimpleModal Read more